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Monday, 3 February 2014

A bit of a mini disaster

In  the last post I mentioned that I would post a pic of my Owl piece by Love Thy Thread
 I had done about a page and when I took it out of the hoop I had the sudden realisation that it was in no way going to fit into the fabric I had - after much checking and recalculating I realised that I had been stitching it over 2 instead of 1 - aaah!! To say I was a bit annoyed would be an understatement - let's just say the kids made a hasty retreat at this point.  I was for chucking the whole thing but was sensible and have hid it in the cupboard for a few days and will then attempt to frog and restart in a few days time.

I'm behind in my first wipacolpse posting but will do a little intro for those that don't know me. I'm Maureen, just turned 43 and live in Ayr on the south west coast of Scotland along with my hubby Lee, kids Neve 13 and Joe 10 and Poppy the cat.

I've been stitching for over twenty years now(scary!) and am really a fan of BAPs - finishes are a rarity in my world... I love HAEDs, Chatelaine's etc

I've been blogging for a few years now - not very frequently to be sure but enjoy looking back and seeing my progress over the previous few months.

Below are a couple of updates on what I've been doing over the last week - nearly finished the unicorn - just ran out of one colour and then need to get some beads. Plan to get this in February.

HAED Mini Sea of Roses
Cross Stitch Gold - Winter Unicorn


  1. Oh glory! Wise of you, Neve and Joe ! So sorry, Maureen :(

  2. I am also doing a version of sea of roses! Love all those reds and pinks!!

  3. Its such a lovely owl am glad you did not give up on it!

  4. Your work so far looks amazing.

  5. Oh what a disaster! Hope you can face frogging it!

    I love your Winter Unicorn. I put some more stitches in mine last week but have a way to go to catch you...lol


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