WIPocalpyse 2012

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April wipocalpyse

Another month has flown by and my owl is coming to life..  I am stitching this for a friend's mum and am hopeful to have it done by June so I can hand it over when we go visit but time is slipping away so that is all I've been stitching



With regards my stash organising it is pretty straight forward -  all my DMC on bobbins in boxes, charts etc in folders and WIPS in separate folders - I don't have a huge amount of stash, I tend to just buy fabric as and when I need it.  I have enough charts as it is to last me a lifetime.

Other than that life is ticking away nicely - between using up annual leave in March and then days off for school hols I feel that I have hardly been at work - I could certainly get used to working less, only another twenty five years till retirement lol..

Am very excited though as we are finally getting a new bathroom fitted in June.  We've been in this house for ten years now and never touched it and it has gradually been falling apart, the duck tape holding the bath together though has been the spur to actually get it sorted now  ..getting a complete refit from ceiling to floor - now just need to decide on what window to get in - decisions, decisions..

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  1. You've done a lot, Maureen, fingers crossed for June! We're getting a new bathroom too and a deeper bath, the one we have wouldn't ve a mouse a decent soak!

  2. Wow that owl looks fantastic and you made awesome progress!

  3. The owl is looking great! Good luck with your new bathroom, it'll be wonderful once it's all in!


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