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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer time

It is now apparently summer, we've had a few nice days but as usual now that the kid's have broken up for the summer holidays the temperature has plummeted lol!

We spent a great weekend down in Bath this month catching up with family and friends to celebrate DH Lee's 50th birthday. While I was there I gave my friend's mum her present of Owl by LoveThyThread. Frustratingly I forgot to take a picture of it in it's frame but here it is when it was finished - I ordered a frame online to fit to exact size with a mount and managed to frame it well myself, was really pleased with it and this is a much more economical way as having them professionally framed it just too expensive.  Maybe I will actually get round to framing some of my other finishes now...

Now that Owl if finished I have made a start on a project I am wanting to finish for my hols in September (a week in Tenerife - can't wait!) - planning to make it up into a tote bag to carry all my beach essentials.  Can anyone work out what it is going to be?

I have also resurrected one of my HAEDS,(Mini Sea of Roses) I haven't worked on any of these for months and I forgot how small it is, stitching 2 over 1 on 28ct. Took my a wee bit to get back into it but now back up to speed, albeit a very slow speed... this is where I am at just now.

Better get off now to have a shower as they are due to be ripping out my bathroom this morning so will be bathroomless for a few days but this time next week should have a shiny new bathroom - so excited, my poor wee bathroom complete with hole in the bath lol was in desperate need of a makeover.


  1. The owl is beautiful. Congrats on the new bathroom..I have waited six years for mine lol..and still waiting

  2. Owl looks just wonderful, congrats on the finish! Well done for framimg it yourself as well. Love your other WIPs.

  3. Your owl turned out great! Nice to see your HEAD get some needle time.

  4. I too am working on Sea of Roses! But the freebie pattern. I love the reds in it!! Yours is looking great!! Love all your other projects as well!

  5. The owl looks amazing. Your WIPs look great too.

  6. The Owl is looking great. And your new WIP is so interesting, I'm very curious to see what it will be when finished. Great HAED stitching, so many lovely shades of red.


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