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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Finished round robin (for lynda)

This is my finished piece for Lynda's rr - it's such a cute book of designs...stitching has had to take a bit of a back seat this week though as been getting presents wrapped to get sent off and the tree put up and my wonderful friend Sharon came and helped me recover my dining room chairs (well when i say helped she actually did most of it!) so I have nice, clean chairs - they have been so horrible for ages and they now look really good...I've got nights out tonight and tomorrow so will hopefully get Joe's christmas tree ornament finished at the weekend and then get them made up next week.
Been buying a bit of stash as well, fabric from Chatelaine St Petersburg so i can get that started in the new year, a couple of little bent creek snappers and Donner and Dasher from Mirabilia - they were just too cute too resist..
Right better go and do some work - just poured diet coke all over my desk, pity it didn't break my pc..

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