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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I can see a rainbow

This was the view from my office window this morning - i'm afraid the quality of the pic isn't too good as it was taken with my not too hot mobile phone through a window - the rainbow appeared to be starting (or finishing however you wish to see it) in the car park - i was very tempted to run out and get my pot of gold... i'm lucky in that we have a pretty good view out of our office, normally you can see right over to the sea and Arran - beats a brick wall any day.


  1. A double rainbow; how beautiful! Great pic!

  2. :) thanks for sharing the beauty :)

  3. That is gorgeous! thanks for sharing!!

  4. That so reminds me of the Outer Hebrides, we saw a rainbow every day while there, they give you such afeel good factor, but I have never seen a double one, how lovely


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