WIPocalpyse 2012

Saturday, 21 January 2012

weekend whoop whoop

After having a totally crappy cold last week and then being back at work I am so glad it is now the weekend.. my plans are

In town with the wee man to buy yet more lego...
Haircut - can't wait, i have such bad hair just now it is downright embarrasing
Pick up something from the post office -
Getting a serious stitch ass tonight - DD is at a sleepover, hubby is working, just me and Joe so plenty of stitching to get done,

Planning to start HAED SAL QS Siberian Forest but might split my time between that and my coffee piece for my consultant as I have just found out she is due back to work in a couple of weeks , so i need to get a move on and finish it ...

It's my birthday next week so treated myself to some fab new make up - I don't even wear make up everyday but I do love buying it, and this palette is just lush! 

Have a nice weekend all!


  1. Urban Decay is gorgeous makeup, hope you enjoy using it.
    Enjoy your stitching evening.

  2. I hope you enjoy your night alone with Joe, and have a serious case of stitch ass when you're done. Grats on the "gift" too. It's nice to buy ourselves something once in a while.

  3. Love the colors in your make up palette. Happy Be-Earlied Birthday. :D

    Happy stitching!!

  4. oooo hope you have a lovely birthday and nice make up too and also you get lots of stitching done :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. Love the new make up! I just bought some new stuff--I went cheap instead of buying my usual Clarins--and noticed my face looks like I have a cheek full of acne. Oy. :P


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