WIPocalpyse 2012

Saturday, 28 January 2012

my week in stitches

Well I got me a wee start on QS Siberian Forest - it's a strange one, what you presume is white or cream turns out to be blues and greens and pinks - but it all works.. looking forward to working on this through the year
Hoping to have a finish this week with Don't Make Me Kill You - watch this space...

Off now to get my weekly fix of Danish drama courtesy of BBC4 - I am so loving Borgen, I am getting mightily obsessed with all things Danish - I need to go to Copenhagen!!

cheery bye


  1. Great start, Maureen. Can't wait to see Don't Make Me Kill You. :D

  2. oooooo well done on the start :) and coooo can't wait to see this finish ... and haven't you been to Copenhagen ??? love mouse xxxx

  3. Great start :) its amazing how often there isn't pure white but many colours.


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